Human Rights Abuses Continue with No Action from Governor Northam

Human Rights abuses by law enforcement continue in Virginia against activists engaged in attempting to keep the Mountain Valley Pipeline from destroying the most sensitive ecological areas of Appalachia. Citizens of Virginia, concerned that the karst geology, watersheds and wetlands threatened by both of the proposed pipelines (Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline) have been given little recourse to stop the water supplies of millions upon millions of people from being permanently and irrevocably destroyed.  Companies that build unwanted and unneeded fracked gas pipelines do not have to operate at real cost (environmental cost and real estate cost) and can count on a fascist, rigged system to approve the most dangerous and damaging projects. As the industry squeezes the last bit of life and resources out of the planet, regulatory agencies and water boards rubber stamp approvals for projects that illegally use eminent domain to steal property from land owners.

The brave citizens who have gone through every regulatory process and presented every agreed upon piece of scientific evidence that these projects are too dangerous to consider, much less approve, are left with no other choice but to engage direct action to stop this sinful destruction of life for profit.  This resistance is taking the form of tree sits along the proposed route of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Four of them are known to law enforcement, MVP and the public: Peters Mountain, Little Teel Crossing and the two on the Terry’s Bent Mountain property.

On Peters Mountain, law enforcement have been arresting supporters of the two tree sitters attempting to bring needed food, water and supplies. In addition, the MVP has taken down one of the tree sits on the West Virginia side of the mountain. Please follow Appalachians Against Pipelines for the latest updates and find out how you can support them.

At Little Teel CrossingLittle Teel Crossing, “the fight has just begun.” Tree sits have been erected to protect family farms and ecologically sensitive areas. In addition, there has been some archeological discoveries that need to be excavated before any pipeline construction is considered.

Camp WANGA, the camp that supports Red’s tree sit has been flooded from recent rains but the campers remain strong.  Red, the 61 year old woman who took to her tree sit on April 1st, has continually been denied food and water by law enforcement, as her supporters have continually tried to adequately re-supply her.  Supporters were hopeful when Red was fed by law enforcement on Sunday 4/22/18 but are worried as she has not been allowed any more food or water since Sunday (as I write this on 4/25/18).  In addition, Red’s daughter, Minor was also fed on Sunday but the hope of further food and water allowed to Red and Minor remains bleak. Please visit Farmlands Fighting Pipelines for the latest update and how you can support the Terry family.

Since his election, concerned citizens have appealed to Governor Northam to help protect Virginia’s precious resources.  Their appeals have fallen on deaf ears.


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