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Secret Service Baffoonery – By Design or Failure?

The latest revelations regarding the Secret Service and lax security at the White House are nothing new but the frequency of security breaches seem to be. There have been security issues at the White House throughout the Obama Administration and … Continue reading

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Media Insists Narcissism Caused By Over-Valuing Children

The Psychopaths in Charge must have given the media their marching orders regarding parenting instruction and narcissism. My news feed was filled today with multiple articles from several different news outlets about how narcissism is caused by bad parenting. Where … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Rezinate's Blog:
Interesting thing about now deceased Theda Nelson Clark one time matriarch of the infamous AIM pie patrol that consisted in part of Madonna Gilbert Thunderhawk and Lorelei DeCora Means is the family relationship that…

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Conspiracy Fiction Drama – a Study in Plausibility

House of Cards vs. Grey State Spoiler Alert Season 3 House of Cards In Season 3 of House of Cards, President Underwood reinterprets the Stafford Act and declares unemployment an emergency in order to re-appropriate FEMA funds for his America … Continue reading

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