You are reading the blog of Kira Young. I’m a poet, singer, mom, wife and, initially, unwilling expert in psychopathology. My personal mission is to help others heal from their encounters with psychopaths as well as to help others develop their own methodology for identifying psychopaths and eliminating them from their lives. This blog is for people who have an understanding of psychopathology. I am not interested in reinventing the wheel but in adding to the current dialog regarding psychopathology. If you have not read a single book about psychopathology, please do so before commenting. I suggest books by Robert Hare, Martha Stout and Thomas Sheridan. This blog is for those who are aware that psychopaths are running the show and want to co-create a better reality for ourselves, our families and our communities.

10 Responses to About

  1. In my self-imposed exile, I feel the beating of your rebel heart.
    It warms my soul, it gives me hope, it shows me where to start.
    It is not insanity, narcissistic vanity, or anti-social profanity,
    It is a call to arms, the vision’s quest, to stand a psychic warrior, in service to humanity…nmn

    My thanks to you and many others, who let me know I am not alone, so that I may take each day as it comes, to resist the siren song of apathy, and hold tightly to the simple dignity of my own humanity.

  2. kathy gray says:

    Hi Kira,

    I have had the terrible experience of working for a psychopathic boss and would like to share that experience at some point. I’ve read extensively on the topic (Dr. Hare, Paul Babiak, Dr Stout and others). I believe that Kevin Dutton and James Fallon are attempting to downplay the devastation that nonviolent psychopaths wreak in the lives of people that they come in contact with. Perhaps they are both psychopaths? In fact, James Fallon may be having a good chuckle enjoying his “gaslighting” the masses. Finally, without detailing my personal
    experience, I’d like to say that there is no mistaking a psychopath when one becomes aware. Many folks do a disservice to the efforts of folks trying to raise psychopathy awareness by labeling people they have known as psychopaths simply because they were lousy boyfriends, wifes, husbands…whatever. After experiencing a true psychopath (even of the socialised variety) I believe the gulf between a garden variety selfish jerk and a true psychopath is enormous. Thanks for the opportunity to share.
    Katherine Gray

  3. Darrin says:


    I’m Darrin and you and I met a couple of months ago by chance at L’Enfant Plaza as you were waiting to meet an artist to interview. I hope all is well with you and your family and life.



  4. Paul says:

    Kira did you have the opportunity to hear the Serial podcast about the Hae Lee murder, and specially analyze remarks and conversations with Adnan Syed.

  5. Rauno says:

    Keep this thing up. It’s not really common knowledge that psychopaths run the show, but they really do so in every scale. Without psychopaths we wouldn’t have all the random killings, genocides, school bullying, internet trolling, animal holocaust etc. I’ve had a bad fortune of knowing several full blown psychopaths in my life, and I’ve become convinced they are the root source of man-caused evil in this planet. Hopefully one day people figure out a way to deal with them for good.

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