The Bridge with Kira featuring Linda Black Elk, Didi Banerji & Unpa Numpa

On this episode of the Bridge with Kira, Linda Black Elk and Didi Banerji join Kira for a livestream about the NoDAPL movement. Unpa Numpa joins for a report on the latest events as of 10/15/16.

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Lyla June Johnson

Kira welcomes Lyla June to the Bridge for an authentic discussion about Native strength and resistance. Lyla June tells her story of survival as a warrior for peace and compassion. Lyla June and Kira discuss their support for the Standing Rock and the resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the second hour Lyla June shares her songs and poetry and Kira shares her poetry.
Lyla June Like page
Lyla June Soundcloud

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Uŋpa Nuŋpa, Zephyr Elise and John Wathen

#NoDAPL update for 10/1/16: In the first hour, Uŋpa Nuŋpa informs the listeners about the principles taught during the training to become a water protector in camp and about the differences between the 2 actions of the week. Uŋpa Nuŋpa introduces Zephyr Elise who talks about her committment to stayng in camp through winter. Kira and Zephyr also talk about the two -spirit tradition and the important role two-spirits play in educating and supporting children and young people. In the second hour we meet John Wathen who shares his experiences as a non-Native relative in camp. John’s love for his Lakota relatives and to the committment to the People is palpable and moving.

Please support Uŋpa Nuŋpa and Zephyr Elise obtain their modest request for winter camp suplies which is all coordinated here: Winter Camp Support

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Unpa Numpa & Dan DeLion

Unpa Numpa joins Kira in the first hour to discuss the Treaty of 1868 and 1851.  More details can be found here: Unpa Numpa facebook post on the Treaties
Unpa Numpa gave an update on the weeks events and preparations for winter camp.


In the second hour, Dan and Kira discuss the need for a Green Revolution or a Green New Deal to solve a number of challenges we currently face, including environmental destruction, loss of biodiversity, autoimmune disease and cancer. You can find more information and instruction regarding: fermenting food, foraging, plant identification, herbalism and mushrooms at:Return to Nature

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The Bridge with Kira featuring John Maguire

Kira welcomes John Maguire of podcast Pentamental. It had been 2 years since John and Kira last spoke and there was a lot of territory covered from the Q to big public mistakes to 9/11 to major life changes.

Unpa Numpa gives the listeners and update from camp on the #NoDAPL resistance and preparing for winter camp.

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The Bridge with Kira featuring James Evan Pilato

James Evan Pilato of joins Kira on the Bridge for a riviting conversation about the Dakota Access Pipeline, drones, Psychopath Hillary vs. Narcissist Trump, victory gardens, food soverignty, 9/11 and more. Mike BlueHair joins in the second hour and offers valuable #NoDAPL analysis.

In the show wrap up, Kira discusses Cody Hall’s arrest, Chase Iron Eyes, Annie May Pictou Aquash and AIM history.

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The Bridge with Kira NoDAPL Mike BlueHair Uŋpa Nuŋpa Cody Hall

Recorded 9/3/16, during the direct action to stop the bulldozing of a sacred site which resulted in a private security firm pepper spraying and setting attack dogs loose on the crowd. Cody Hall, media representative of Red Warrior Camp was scheduled for the 2 hour interview. I asked Mike BlueHair and Uŋpa Nuŋpa to stand by and they filled in beautifully. Cody Hall makes a brief appearance in the middle of the show.

Here is Democracy Now’s footage of the incident followed by some of Mike BlueHair’s work.  Please visit his channel on YouTube.



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