Breastfeeding! Baby’s Best Defense Against Autoimmune Disease


Breastfeeding is the essential building block to the best quality of life possible for humans. Breastfeeding provides the mucus lining in the gut.  Without a mucus lining, the gut becomes more permeable than it should be and leaks out the proteins in our food that the body cannot break down.  This is called leaky gut syndrome and is the cause of all autoimmune disease.

Formula feeding will lead to a life of autoimmune and obesity challenges. There is no way to avoid these challenges and also formula feed a baby. The decision to breastfeed or formula feed does not frequently factor in the devastating cost of formula feeding to the health of our children. Now that we know how essential breast milk is to quality of life and health, we need to, as individuals and as a society, do everything we can to make breastfeeding possible, acceptable and accessible to every child. Formula feeding should be the very last emergency option.

If you have already formula fed your child or been formula fed, there is much hope in healing leaky gut and there are a lot of resources for those who want to heal their leaky gut. One must be willing to change everything about the way they eat and think about food.  One must be willing to change their entire lifestyle. Not everyone is actually capable of that.

So what does a well-informed society look like that understands how essential breast milk is to health and well being? Would such a society not also view breasts in a much different way than currently perceived in our ill-informed, autoimmune ridden, obese, porn-addicted society?

How Breast Milk Engineers a Baby’s Gut (And Gut Microbes)

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Police Presence at Potomac Pipeline Public Hearing Refreshingly Low

In stark contrast to the recent outrageously huge police presence at Virginia State Water Control Board meetings for the 401 permit applications for the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Potomac Pipeline Public Hearing police presence consisted of about 10 officers. This number dwindled to about 2-4 by the end of the evening. Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan passed a state wide fracking ban after grassroots organizers worked tirelessly to pass fracking bans county by county and municipality by municipality. The people of Maryland have made it abundantly clear they want renewable energy and they want it now and they will not put their water at risk for the corporate profit of a dying and life destroying industry. Governor Hogan made the right choice in keeping the state’s police force where they are needed, rather than using them as a private army for the fossil fuel industry.  Virginia’s Governor, Terry McAuliff could learn from Governor Hogan but he is probably too busy spending the fossil fuel industry’s campaign donations.

Pipeline opponents rallied outside the public hearing.

TransCanada sent their professional liar and Boonsboro Town Council Member Bridgette Schmidt truely represented the people.

Experts weighed in.

Citizen after citizen after citizen urged the three person board to deny the permit.

More very well informed citizens urged the board to deny the 401 permit.

TransCanada sent about 20 of their Pipeline workers to the hearing and 2 of them spoke. It was a weak showing in a room filled with 200 concerned citizens voicing clear opposition to the project.

Many people who signed up to speak at this meeting did not get to speak so there will be a second meeting.  Please check Eastern Panhandle Protectors FaceBook Page and website for more detailed inforation regarding the project, meeting dates and updates. Also check the Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s FaceBook Page and website for more detailed information. Find out how you can help.

You will also see more concerning the project in the coming months on the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League’s Facebook Page and website.



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The Bridge with Kira featuring Delwin Fiddler Jr.

Kira welcomed Delwin Fiddler Jr. to the Bridge for a discussion about his Lakota family lineage as the rightful keepers of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

Our work that we put into producing The Bridge with Kira is volunteer work. Any donation that come in are allocated towards production and travel costs. Please donate to the Bridge with Kira via PayPal and direct funds to

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Patrick Roddie

Kira welcomes Patrick Roddie from to the Bridge for a discussion about what the Psychopaths in Charge are up to and how we should respond.

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Alisha Vincent & Max Bliss


Kira welcomes Alisha Ali Vincent back for an open discussion about infiltrators and agent provocateurs, including the infamous Ed Higgins.

Max Bliss  of Unearth Climate Change joins in the second hour to discuss the elite’s long history of weather manipulation. Based on our discussion, it is entirely possible that weather manipulation played a role in the events at Standing Rock.

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Davidica Little Spotted Horse

In the first hour, Kira welcomes musician and Parents’ Advocate, Davidica Littlespottedhorse to the bridge for a discussion of the history and unfair policies that have allowed the government to steal Native children from their families for far too long. In the second hour, Kira welcomes Lakota mother, Veronica Ortega to the bridge to tell her story of how her parental rights were taken from her without due process of law. Veronica has been fighting to get her children back in a rigged system that is awarded more money when adopting out Native children. Veronica is the first Native mother in history to have her Surpeme Court challenge accepted and now needs the best legal minds in Indian Country to help her win her case. Kira will be creating a call to action on The Bridge with Kira Facebook like page.  Please join the call.

Davidica Littlespottedhorse’s Music

Follow up Study:

Native Foster Care: Lost Children, Shattered Families

South Dakota Commits Shocking Genocide Against Native Americans by Abducting Their Children

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The Bridge with Kira Resistance Update 7-15-17 Alisha Vincent

Kira welcomed back Alisha Vincent for a frank and open discussion about the state of water protection. Kira shut down a Nazi and his #FakeHistory, Infiltration was discussed in a way that apparently threatened #TigerSwan because they came after Kira after the show.

Alisha’s recap here:

Kira took a risk and allowed a listener, Justin, to come on the show. He began with some new age bullshit and then launched into some, ALT Right, Nazi, fake history and was promptly shut down.

Alisha and Kira addressed Kyle Thompson’s latest video with Myron Dewey and were of the mindset that there is so much more that needs to occur before either Kyle or his girlfriend, Kourtni have redeemed themselves. We were not as forgiving of him almost getting us all killed. After the show, it was revealed that one of BJ Nastacio’s charges has been dropped. Kyle Thompson promptly took credit for all of them being dropped.

After the show, while Kira was sleeping, a video was posted to Kira’s FaceBook timeline. She did not give any permission for this video of Kourtni Dockter to be posted on her timeline nor did she even know of the video’s existence until she awoke the next morning. The video was promptly deleted and Kourntni was blocked. Contrary to popular belief, this occurance does not indicate that anyone gained access to Kira’s account but that Kourtni and her cohorts have a back door to make it appear as though they have gained access. This tactic is typlical, low level, spy bullshit and is designed to scare. A back door can be opened if someone tags you to one of their posts which did occur. So nice try assholes. Nice touch posting at 11:11.

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