The Bridge with Kira Two Rivers Camp Special

Kira welcomes camp chef, Josh Michener, for a conversation about his rainbow family and his experiences at Standing Rock as well as his impressions of the differences and similarities between the two camps. Kira also welcomes back Alisha Ali Vincent for a conversation about the resistance movement and her observations about the similarities and differences between the Standing Rock and Two Rivers. Alisha invited suprise guest, local rancher, Brandt Buchanan, to inform listeners about the battle faced by local land owners and local wildlife.

Two Rivers Camp – Stop Trans Pecos Pipeline

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The Bridge with Kira featuring International Indigenous Youth Council Members

Kira speaks to members of the IIIYC: Ta’Sina Sapa Win, Topa Asumpi, Thomas Lopez, Kristina Elote, Jacquelyn Córdoba and Lauren Howland about their experiences at Standing Rock and their latest #DOPE (Decolonization of People Everywhere) campaign.

IIYC – Standing Rock

IIYC – Denver

IIYC – Chicago

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The Bridge with Kira Resistance Update 2/4/17 #FrackOff


Kira gives a brief rundown of the week’s events at Standing Rock. Then she welcomes Eddie Thornton, UK water protector who particiated in a successful, non-violent, direct action to prevent fracking in Lancashire, UK. Eddie and Kira, together, articulate the spiritual underpinnings of the movement to stop fracking, worldwide.

Kirby Misperton Protection Camp

Kira welcomes Varushka Franceschi, James Cromwell and Pramilla Malick to the Bridge for a discussion about the importance of fully understanding and accepting the extraordinary battle before us as we seek to eliminate the threat of fracking in our communities. A Crack in Everything seeks to help facilitate that full understanding.

A Crack in Everything Finishing Funds

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The Bridge with Kira Resistance Update 1-28-17


International Indigenous Youth Council member of the Chicago chapter, Carlos de la Vega discussed the resistance with Kira and his personal journey as a first generation Mexican-American residing in Chicago. Carlos quickly established his fundamental understanding of the Earth as Sacred and human’s beings as part of Her. He eliquently expressed his motivations for responding to the call to stand with Standing Rock and his invitation to the listeners to join in defending the sacred.

International Indigenous Youth Council – Chicago Chapter

International Indigenous Youth Council – Standing Rock Chapter

International Indigenous Youth Council – Denver Chapter

Calvo and Rosemary discuss their experiences of organizing for resistance with Frontera Water Protectors as well as working with their small community in Texas on the border with Mexico. Not only are they water protectors resisting pipelines and fracking but they resist all forms of oppression and degradation that effect their community and encourage others to also resist all forms of oppression. Rosemary also discusses the evolution of indigenous identity for Mexicans who historically faced even more oppression for identifying as indigenous.

Frontera Water Protection Alliance

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The Bridge with Kira NoDAPL update 1-21-17

Unpa Numpa gives and update from Standing Rock on the SRST/Cannonball decision to close ALL camps. Alisha Ali Vincent and Kira have an in-depth discussion about Standing Rock as a seminal moment in American History and our personal histories as well as ways forward for the movement.


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The Bridge with Kira featuring Extraordinary Indigenous Youth

On Sunday 1/22/17 The Bridge with Kira crew met with some of the members of the International Indigenous Youth Council to ask them to articulate what brought them to Washington, D.C. These extraordinary young people have been camped at Standing Rock to protect the drinking water of 18 million people from the greed of Big Oil.  They are tired but have no plans to give up any time soon.  These compassionate and kind young people not only want to co-create a better future but are creating a better present. The time we spent with IIYC was filled with song, hugs, words of love and encouragement and shared goals and dreams.


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The Bridge with Kira UK meets Indigenous Water Protectors


Kira talks to Ian R Crane and UK water protectors, Steve and Gabby from Kirby Misperton Protection Camp. BJ Nastacio and Unpa Numpa join the conversation to discuss practical ways forward and the similaraties and differences between what UK and Indigenous water protectors face in the battle for our beloved Mother Earth.

The Audio version is available on YouTube here:

Or you can Click here to watch livestream recording


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