The Bridge with Kira featuring John Maguire

Kira welcomes John Maguire of podcast Pentamental. It had been 2 years since John and Kira last spoke and there was a lot of territory covered from the Q to big public mistakes to 9/11 to major life changes.

Unpa Numpa gives the listeners and update from camp on the #NoDAPL resistance and preparing for winter camp.

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The Bridge with Kira featuring James Evan Pilato

James Evan Pilato of joins Kira on the Bridge for a riviting conversation about the Dakota Access Pipeline, drones, Psychopath Hillary vs. Narcissist Trump, victory gardens, food soverignty, 9/11 and more. Mike BlueHair joins in the second hour and offers valuable #NoDAPL analysis.

In the show wrap up, Kira discusses Cody Hall’s arrest, Chase Iron Eyes, Annie May Pictou Aquash and AIM history.

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The Bridge with Kira NoDAPL Mike BlueHair Uŋpa Nuŋpa Cody Hall

Recorded 9/3/16, during the direct action to stop the bulldozing of a sacred site which resulted in a private security firm pepper spraying and setting attack dogs loose on the crowd. Cody Hall, media representative of Red Warrior Camp was scheduled for the 2 hour interview. I asked Mike BlueHair and Uŋpa Nuŋpa to stand by and they filled in beautifully. Cody Hall makes a brief appearance in the middle of the show.

Here is Democracy Now’s footage of the incident followed by some of Mike BlueHair’s work.  Please visit his channel on YouTube.



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The Bridge with Kira featuring Mike BlueHair & Uŋpa Nuŋpa

Originally aired on 8/27/16 on Revolution Radio, Mike BlueHair of Film the Police Portland and Uŋpa Nuŋpa of Cheyenne River talk about the evolution of the peaceful encampment of 4,000 Native Americans who have come together to peacufully and prayerfully stop a pipeline being built through Unseeded Treaty Land.

Mike BlueHair is offered a slot at Revolution Radio and the beginings of a livestream in camp emerge.

8/31/16, Mike BlueHair gathered footage of a #NoDAPL direct action. The man attached to the machinery is Dale “Happy” American Horse.

First Arrested 

Unsafe extraction

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Uŋpa Nuŋpa & Ta’Sina Sapá Win

In this special joint broadcast of The Bridge with Kira and Talk and Tea with Jay McC which originally aired 8/20/16, Uŋpa Nuŋpa gives a special report from the Standing Rock site of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Ta’Sina Sapá Win tells her brave story of being one of the original 5 Lakota women to jump the fence on 8/15/15 and shut down construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

You can help this Lakota family directly with camping supplies via http://www.paypal Direct Payment to:

Excerpt of Ta’Sina Sapá Win’s story:

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Kira Young, Senior Second Amendment Specialist

Kira Young returns to Hard Line with Susanne Posel with an enlightening report on Trump’s latest performance. Please be aware that this is satire and don’t get your knickers in a twist. You can listen to the entire show here:

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The Bridge with Kira featuring Spinney Lainey


In the first hour Lainey, a classicly trained musician, tells her story of learning that she could improvise with her flute to psy trance music and what a life changing revalation it has been for her. In the second hour we hear her delightful music, featuring songs from her new release: Portal which you can purchase here:

Song list:

1. Lyctum & Spinney Lainey – Wake Up

2. Doppler – I See the Spirit (feat. Spinney Lainey)

3. Giovewave feat. Spinney Lainey – Dance With Me

4. Spinney Lainey – Ascension (feat. Kartik)

5. Spindean – Elucidation

6. Spinney Lainey – Portal

7. Spinney Lainey vs Kibacs – Experience Life

8. Sugar Glider vs Spinney Lainey – Birds

You can find Spinney Lainey here:

The Bridge with Kira air live every Saturday 4-6 pm EST on Revolution Radio at and is simulcast on replay is on Tuesday 6-8 pm EST on

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