Police Presence at Potomac Pipeline Public Hearing Refreshingly Low

In stark contrast to the recent outrageously huge police presence at Virginia State Water Control Board meetings for the 401 permit applications for the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Potomac Pipeline Public Hearing police presence consisted of about 10 officers. This number dwindled to about 2-4 by the end of the evening. Maryland’s Governor, Larry Hogan passed a state wide fracking ban after grassroots organizers worked tirelessly to pass fracking bans county by county and municipality by municipality. The people of Maryland have made it abundantly clear they want renewable energy and they want it now and they will not put their water at risk for the corporate profit of a dying and life destroying industry. Governor Hogan made the right choice in keeping the state’s police force where they are needed, rather than using them as a private army for the fossil fuel industry.  Virginia’s Governor, Terry McAuliff could learn from Governor Hogan but he is probably too busy spending the fossil fuel industry’s campaign donations.

Pipeline opponents rallied outside the public hearing.

TransCanada sent their professional liar and Boonsboro Town Council Member Bridgette Schmidt truely represented the people.

Experts weighed in.

Citizen after citizen after citizen urged the three person board to deny the permit.

More very well informed citizens urged the board to deny the 401 permit.

TransCanada sent about 20 of their Pipeline workers to the hearing and 2 of them spoke. It was a weak showing in a room filled with 200 concerned citizens voicing clear opposition to the project.

Many people who signed up to speak at this meeting did not get to speak so there will be a second meeting.  Please check Eastern Panhandle Protectors FaceBook Page and website for more detailed inforation regarding the project, meeting dates and updates. Also check the Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s FaceBook Page and website for more detailed information. Find out how you can help.

You will also see more concerning the project in the coming months on the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League’s Facebook Page and website.



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