Breastfeeding! Baby’s Best Defense Against Autoimmune Disease


Breastfeeding is the essential building block to the best quality of life possible for humans. Breastfeeding provides the mucus lining in the gut.  Without a mucus lining, the gut becomes more permeable than it should be and leaks out the proteins in our food that the body cannot break down.  This is called leaky gut syndrome and is the cause of all autoimmune disease.

Formula feeding will lead to a life of autoimmune and obesity challenges. There is no way to avoid these challenges and also formula feed a baby. The decision to breastfeed or formula feed does not frequently factor in the devastating cost of formula feeding to the health of our children. Now that we know how essential breast milk is to quality of life and health, we need to, as individuals and as a society, do everything we can to make breastfeeding possible, acceptable and accessible to every child. Formula feeding should be the very last emergency option.

If you have already formula fed your child or been formula fed, there is much hope in healing leaky gut and there are a lot of resources for those who want to heal their leaky gut. One must be willing to change everything about the way they eat and think about food.  One must be willing to change their entire lifestyle. Not everyone is actually capable of that.

So what does a well-informed society look like that understands how essential breast milk is to health and well being? Would such a society not also view breasts in a much different way than currently perceived in our ill-informed, autoimmune ridden, obese, porn-addicted society?

How Breast Milk Engineers a Baby’s Gut (And Gut Microbes)

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