The System is Not Broken

The system is not broken. It is designed by the Psychopaths in Charge to fail us and benefit them. The myth that we live in a democracy is the lie that looms large in a complex indoctrination process that we undergo in school which is fortified by the media. We vote in hopes that our interests will be better represented, should the candidate we back be elected. Yet the system is not designed to allow for meaningful and positive change so even the most well-meaning candidate with good intentions and integrity is stopped at every turn, especially when there is any chance of proposed changes spreading around wealth and resources in a more equitable way.

The “justice system” is another lie that looms large. Indoctrination teaches us that we are protected by our laws and that when broken, law breakers are treated equally under the law. Yet we have a system whereby laws are written by lawbreakers and corporate shills to give the biggest lawbreakers a pass and heap the worst the so-called justice system can summon up on the most minor of “crimes.” Corporations write their own laws that allow for them to pollute and rape resources at the tax-payers expense while speeders and jaywalkers pay more fines than the corporations. Pot dealers go to jail for life while murderers and rapists get out in a jiffy.

The prison system is a for profit system which has been happy to swallow up the lives of any normal human they can criminalize with draconian drug laws. Recidivism is a moot issue when any honest effort at reform is met with a systematic fuck you.

EEO laws that promise recourse for those discriminated against are nothing but a joke. One can prove extraordinary discriminatory behavior with mountains of evidence but proving that the wrong doing was a result of one’s protected class is virtually impossible, leaving the most wronged with no recourse whatsoever.

The US government quelled the wave of movement towards civil rights with a combination of COINTELPRO infiltration in every civil rights movement and the passing of so-called civil rights laws. Each movement was driven off course by paid provocateurs and meaningless civil rights laws were passed to make it appear as though actual progress was happening. As we are fed a complex web of lies by the media, referred to as The Lords of Perception by Thomas Sheridan, every right we have ever had is being stripped from us. We are led to believe that our rights are increasing and expanding by the Lords of Perception when nothing could be further from the truth.

We still exist under a feudal system. Nothing but our perceptions of our condition has changed.


About Kira

Radio Host at Revolution Radio, Real Liberty Media and Peoples Internet Radio, wife, mother, singer, grower of food.
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