Targets with Autoimmune Disease – A Psychopath’s Dream Come True

Targets that have autoimmune disease are most preferred by psychopaths because their response to stress is utterly devastating. Maximum damage and total destruction is always the aim of the psychopath when choosing a target and psychopaths know that their efforts to destabilize their target will be successful with a target ravaged by autoimmune disease.

When the autoimmune disease of the target progresses rapidly under the severe stress of being targeted by a psychopath, the psychopath can deny being the cause of the target’s suffering and blame the autoimmune disease for their target’s suffering. In severe situations, when the autoimmune disease kills the target, the psychopath essentially murders his or her target and uses the autoimmune disease as a means to commit murder. I call these phenomena “psychopathic murder by autoimmune disease.”

The same is true when a psychopath targets a person prone to depression who commits suicide as a result of the severe destabilization created by being a target of the psychopath. I call this phenomena “psychopathic murder by suicide.” This is why suicides should be as aggressively investigated as homicides.

Scaling this up, it is no accident that under the psychopathic control grid, the corporations in control are poisoning our food, water and air supplies. GMOs, pesticides and herbicides in our food, water and air supplies are directly linked to the massive increase in autoimmune disease. Humanity is under attack. Life has no value to the Psychopaths in Charge.

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Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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3 Responses to Targets with Autoimmune Disease – A Psychopath’s Dream Come True

  1. Thank you for such a clear insight into my past relationship. I have been to many Psychologists, Psychiatrists, hospitals, now started DBT. I know what was wrong with me and I know how it happened…. it is such a blessing to read what confirms what nobody else would. Sharron

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