The Cult of Veganism and the Psychopathic Agenda

The psychopathic agenda is the same on both the individual level and the societal level. The Psychopaths in Charge seek to stay in power and do so by gaslighting humanity. Using social engineering, the Psychopaths in Charge seek to fool humanity into thinking that human nature is the same as the nature of the psychopath: cruel, selfish and destructive for fun. They also seek to subvert humanity’s natural compassion and need for community into feeling guilty for existing.

The significant role the cult of veganism plays in gaslighting humanity is complex and devious. The reason the Psychopaths in Charge want humanity on a vegan diet has nothing whatsoever to do with compassion for animals and the desire not to hurt them and everything to do with controlling the population, keeping people confused and unable to think properly and creating tension around the issues of basic survival and nourishment.

The social engineering and gaslighting is so devious, in fact, that it has not only vegan cult members feeling guilty for having to eat to live but also a significant portion of humanity shouldering that same guilt, as well as feeling guilty for needing sustenance in the form of animal fat to live a healthy existence. While the vegan cult members are busy viciously attacking meat eaters with name calling and psychic attacks, the false debate rages as to whether a vegan diet is even healthy or sustainable. Lost in the battle are the facts and common human decency on the part of the vegan warriors.

What is quite interesting to note is that psychopaths, unlike normal humans, enjoy inflicting pain and torturing others. Whether physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual, enjoyment of torture of others is a significant part of the pathology of the psychopath and it is what feeds them. Psychopaths harvest the energy of pain and fear from their victims and this is what also makes psychopaths so different from normal humans. Because the psychopath has no inner life or ability to self-assess, the psychopath is prone to the projection of their own pathology onto others, including their own victims. It is therefore quite obvious that the cult of veganism is pushing a psychopathic agenda as evidenced by the talking points of the vegan warriors.
The talking points of the vegan warriors include calling meat eaters “carcass eaters” and accusing meat eaters of enjoying that their sustenance comes from the pain and torture of innocent animals (psychopathic projection). Yet it is the Psychopaths in Charge that created the industrial farming system in the first place, which maximizes profit from mass pain and torture of animals. The corporatization of farming has destroyed the vast majority of family farms where farm animals lived a healthy and kind existence.

It is time to end the war or refuse to fight. Any agenda which demands one’s guilt for existing and that which is needed to exist, is brought to you by the Psychopaths in Charge.

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Tall Hot Chick, intercultural clown, insurgent, poet, singer, water protector, land defender, grower of food and flowers.
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27 Responses to The Cult of Veganism and the Psychopathic Agenda

  1. Thomas Coyl says:


  2. Mike says:

    For an in-depth and human approach to the meat debate, see Simon Fairlie’s book “Meat, A Benign Extravagance”.
    The evidence shows that both industrial meat and organic vegan permaculture are unsustainable.
    They are, after all, both extremes. Organic mixed farming, in small farms, is the way to go!
    Also, organic food isn’t fancy food, it’s normal food.
    Non-organic is toxic food, to an extent anyway.
    See the work of Dr Stephanie Seneff who has been researching Glyphosate and the issues it causes.

  3. lml says:

    Interesting, intense viewpoints in your blog. I don’t know that vegans are all psychopaths. Only, perhaps, the extremists who are in-your-face with their viewpoint and who disdain towards those who don’t follow their lifestyle. I doubt these people want to “keep people confused”. I don’t know a lot of confused people, as a matter of fact. Most people are determined that they know everything, from what I can tell. And psychopaths usually are in charge, aren’t they?

  4. Veganism gives cover to and is a safe haven for psychopaths who are naturally misanthropic. This psychosis spreads through all those who consider themselves part of the Vegan community. It can be observed in the writings in comment sections all over the Internet. Some vegans catch on and do not allow their minds to be assimilated into this destructive hive-mind mentality. Most do not and cannot recognize that misanthropy is an abnormal state. Hate of one’s own species is a disharmonious, imbalanced and unhealthy state that will ultimately lead to further degradation of humanity, not the rise and will result in less love for all life, not more.

    • kyoung4 says:

      Synthia, I could not agree more.

    • Ron A. says:

      Maybe some of them can’t take all the hate some other people spill on them and write some bad comments some times. In the internet some people are not so careful of what they write and they don’t think that it may hurt other people’s feelings or their own reputation.
      I’m a vegan and all the vegans I know are not misanthropes. They answer politely and they patiently explain their views. We don’t hate our species.. that’s a false picture of vegans.. at least for the true ones who love humans and animals and the planet.

  5. John says:

    1. A practice used by some miserable idiot with no friends who hates mankind because s/he needs to get out more, get laid, etc.

    2. An attitude taken by your typical animal-rights activist who has crossed the line beyond all hope of redemption, even reduced to violence against humanity for the unrealistic and brainless obsession with animals who they know nothing about, and who couldn’t give a sh*t about them.

    3. The reason why some warped people are turned on by animals.

    4. A mindset which tricks the user into thinking that they’re superior/cleverer/more thoughtful than most of their fellow man, when they’re simply taking the easy route.

    5. The attitude of a hypocrite who clearly has no decent understanding of the world, and is probably just as bad/sadistic/unpleasant as their fellow man whom they moan and whine about.

    6. A sign that you’ve been hanging around/watching animals for too long, and not understanding them long enough.

    7. An obvious signal that someone is an alien in a very poor disguise (probably).

    Me: Erm, if you hate us so much, why don’t you contribute to our demise and hang yourself?

    Misanthrope: Ermmm…..

    Me: Yeah. Didn’t think so

    Misanthropy is the easy way to pretend you’re wise and worldly.
    by Osamasbitch July 15, 2008

  6. backtoindia says:

    My best friend became a vegan and i cant stand him ever since….Its strange since i lived in india for five years and never ever had a problem with the vegetarians there..i had no meat myself in five years there… thats not it..i also understand that people are angry about the suffering of animals in the bio industry..thats not it is very sad indeed….it is something else, the culture around it(I live in The Netherlands)i never saw anyone change as much as he did whilest joining them…he became less and less available and i feel like sitting with a stranger these days even though he gives it a try sometimes..and is generally a kind person.Im a whiatleblwer myself..but he doesnt even aknowledge chemtrails..i ttried to talk with him about childtrafficking and sick practises in Holland of the elite but he doesnt want to listen to any of it…..see ,thats the problem, they have only one agendapoint..animals.

    • backtoindia says:

      sorry I ment whistleblower

    • kyoung4 says:

      That one agenda is also enforcement of the imperative that humans feel guilty for existing.

    • Ron A. says:

      Vegans are not worried only about the animals 😦 what you are saying is really sad.. Being Vegan, at least at the begging, years ago, was about empathy towards every living being (human and non human) and about the good of our planet and our health. And that’s how it is also now, or how it should be. For me if someone is a misanthrope it’s not a vegan. Try to get in his place. Try to understand him too. Maybe he is feeling the same as you feel about him. I know about chemtrails, I’m vegan. Not everyone knows about chemtrails. There is so much propaganda out there about it that people don’t know what to believe. Just like veganism… ther is so much propaganda against it.. and so much for it. But if you just think about love.. everyone needs to be loved, even animals feel love/pain/fear for their lives.. if you think about that, then how can you eat them? I don’t know why your friend became vegan. But I know that this is why I did and it really hurts when I see articles like this.. I feel hated. BUT, I don’t lose hope and I don’t hate people. Other people, not so strong, may be affected in an other way though and become depressed and in the end lose hope, get cold or even say bad things about people.
      I hope you can understand and I hope you and your friend come close again. Try to talk, say what you said here to him. Try.
      Thank you. Have a good day.

      • kyoung4 says:

        Hi Ron. I’m not talking about all vegans here. I’m talking about the ones who show their love and empathy by calling people names like carcass eater. I’m talking about a group of folks who are more concerned about policing peoples plates and passing judgement and scornful contempt. Perhaps you’ve run across a few? If not, I’m sure you’ve come across the passive aggressive ones who hide their judgement behind a veil of fake love and light.

      • Ron A. says:

        Hi! No, actually I have not. I’ve seen some bad comments/posts in facebook, but I haven’t met anyone like this in real life. All the vegans I know are very kind, sweet, polite and loving people. You can’t be vegan and hate humans. Being vegan is about having empathy for every living being and being worried about the future of the climate and planet. I think that rude people exist everywhere. Some of them might be vegan also! That doesn’t make veganism a bad thing. It’s sad to not see understanding between people.

  7. Heather M. says:

    Wow. I absolutely agree with everything you wrote here. I am in recovery from a highly abusive relationship with a man I believe is a sociopath (another term for “psychopath”). This relationship brought me face to face for the first time in my life with pure evil, and it changed my entire world view. I knew in an abstract way, prior to this relationship, that evil existed in the world, but actually having it invade your life, in the most intimate and personal way, is a whole other thing, and it will forever change you.

    It is estimated that 4% or higher (1 in 25 people) are sociopathic personalities. Often these people present as the most charming, likable people you’ve ever met – certainly this is how my ex presented himself. I had never just plain LIKED anyone’s personality so much. He seemed like my long lost best friend. It would have never in a million years occurred to me that he was someone very dangerous that I needed to get away from, fast.

    I now believe, based on all of my research about psychopaths, that they are truly the ones governing the planet and ruling us behind the scenes. I have never been a conspiracy type, and I don’t talk about my new beliefs to most people as no doubt I would come off sounding like a loon. But only direct intimate experience with a psychopath woke me up to the fact that we are sharing this planet with a race of beings that are so much like humans, but so NOT at the same time – they are lacking the crucial human elements of empathy, compassion and ability to attach deeply to others. They are hollow, soulless beings, driven by power, control and sex (according to the experts). Humans are emotionally driven – psychopaths are very much NOT, as they do not have rich inner lives and they do not experience a complex range of emotions the way humans do.

    Regarding veganism, I have begun to suspect that its spreading popularity is being engineered somehow by the people in charge. They are well aware that most humans need animal products in order to maintain health, and to go vegan means a slow weakening and decline of mental and physical health (not for everyone, but most). A population who is malnourished on inferior, nutritionally inadequate foods is a population who is easily controlled. Think about it.

    This is why I believe we are seeing the spread of vegan diets, documentaries encouraging people to go vegan, and a growing consciousness in general about plant based diets. Why not abolish factory farming of animals, and employ our top scientific minds to come up with humane alternatives (such as small scale, organic, mixed farms, which another poster mentioned)? The reason (I believe) this isn’t happening, and there’s such a recent push towards going vegan, is that the powers-that-be are well aware of veganism’s impact on health. They want us compliant and easily controlled – veganism provides a perfect means for them to do so.

    My prediction is that veganism’s popularity is going to continue to grow and grow, while well-intended but deluded people continue jumping on that bandwagon en masse.

    • kyoung4 says:

      Thank you Heather. I wish you hope and healing on your recovery. It certainly looks like veganism is the plan for starving the public’s brains of key nutrients.

    • Ron A. says:

      😦 I’ve posted an answer to this comment a while ago but it seems that it hasn’t been posted yet. Is it being checked? It took quite a time to write it and it was about love. I didn’t write anything hateful in it. I hope it is uploaded soon. I don’t have the courage to re-write it. But if not posted, I promise to try some time 🙂

    • Jen W says:

      Some cults start off by controlling members diets, putting them on a very restricted diet such as eating only rice for weeks at a time. The “Moonies” did this, precisely as you point out, so that people become easy to control.

  8. Danny Smith says:

    Listen, I only know one vegan in real life. But she’s always on snapchat saying “Vegan life!!!” and bullshit like that. But nonetheless ever since she’s became a vegan she;s become a huge dick. I don’t know if it’s just her but just wanted to post this.

  9. Chris lidbury says:


  10. You are absolutely right. I plan to make more anti-vegan videos on my channel – would you be open for an interview?

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